Sunday, June 14, 2015

Spectrum Brand Holdings

Spectrum Brand Holdings (SPB)

At the end of May, Spectrum Brand Holdings closed at $96.65. Since then they have decreased $0.37 leaving them at a price of $96.28, demonstrating a relative stability in the stock. Given the current volatility of our markets and the diversified nature of this stock, this minimal decrease in stock price is to be expected and doesn’t in itself hold any indicative any negative signs for this company. Since our purchase of the stock on March 3rd, it has increased in value by $2.30.

SPB is diversified across various products and brand names allowing a lot of their unsystematic risk to be diversified away. Recently SPB has increased their consumer diversity by adding Armored AutoGroup Parent Inc. to their product line. Spectrum Brand Holdings still holds true to our thesis of them having a great reputation, loyal customers and diversified product line. This assures investors like us they are a safe company that will flourish with a good economy. 

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