Saturday, June 13, 2015

ORCL June 14th

Oracle Corporation (ORCL) stock began the month of June trading at $43.79 and closed Friday June 12th at $44.34 representing a 1.26% upside for the first half of June. Much of the news surrounding ORCL in the past two weeks as been about their entrance into the cloud-space and comparing them to some of their fast-growing competitors likes and Workday. ORCL which was traditionally an application software firm, has made headlines because of their transition into the cloud-space while maintaining a firm grip on their core business segments, other application software firms that have tried to enter the cloud-space like SAP haven’t been nearly as successful. There is much anticipation for ORCL’s earnings report that is due out next week. This will be the fiscal fourth quarter for ORCL, their third quarter earnings yielded better-than-expected results, hopefully ORCL can continue that momentum into the fourth quarter which historically posts higher earnings. I believe that ORCL should continue to be held as it is above the purchase price and below the price target. We should continue to hold onto this stock as long as ORCL continues to show improvement in their new technology ventures as well as maintaining growth in their traditional business segments. 

Jeff Sherman

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