Saturday, June 13, 2015

LRCX June 14th

Lam Research Corporation (LRCX) started the month of June trading at $83.39, and closed Friday June 12th at $81.46 representing a 2.31% decrease for the month of June. This decline can be contributed to a decrease in demand for their products in recent weeks. Samsung, who at one point was one of LRCX’s major buyers has decreased and postponed the amount of semiconductors equipment product that they will buy from LRCX.  As the entire semiconductor industry has begun to slow, LRCX has already recovered from a low of nearly $70 per share in recent months. On the bright side there are expected to be some changes in the industry in the near future that could renew interest in LRCX, also they have continue to show growth that is above that of the industry average. I believe that we should continue to hold LRCX for a few reasons 1) if there is a rebound in the semiconductor industry or a improvement on the current technology LRCX could benefit 2) also with many takeovers in the industry LRCX could be a potential target, and could fetch a premium on the stock 3) As long as LRCX continue to outperform its industry and large industry competitors like Applied Materials, LRCX should remain in our portfolio. 

Jeff Sherman

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