Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Masimo Brings High Tech Medical Equipment to India

Author: Connor Benoit

On January 7, 2014 Masimo released news that they will be opening new offices in India. The outlook on the stock has been very positive (up almost 6%) since the news release.  India is excited about Masimo moving in and thankful for their commitment to the region.

"We have found that India is an important market for several reasons -- the most important is that the penetration of high technology devices is very low, a factor that could lead to thousands of avoidable instances of death and illness. As a leader in noninvasive patient monitoring, including measure through motion and low perfusion pulse oximetry, Masimo's technologies will be able to make a significant impact to improve patient safety and outcomes," said Jon Coleman, President, Masimo Worldwide Sales, Professional Services and Medical Affairs.
Masimo intends to raise awareness to the clinical and cost challenges that it can solve in India using its innovative technologies.  Our current price target is lower than street expectations.  After Jerome and I reevaluate the future revenues and international exposure, I expect the price target to increase close to the street outlook (around $36).  The increasing aging population along with the demand for Masimo’s innovative technology will also be factors in our review.
-Connor Benoit

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