Sunday, March 4, 2012

CBI 2011 Earnings Report

Chicago Bridge & Iron (Ticker:CBI) posted its 4Q11 and YE earnings on February 23, at 5:00 P.M. beating the general outlook of the street.  The company reported $70.5 million in Earnings, an 11.55% increase from the year prior, while EPS rose from 63 cents per share to 70 cents per share. This figure beat analyst’s projections by 2.94%. For the year of 2011, the company was able to report $255 million in Net Income, totally $2.55 per share.  In respects to revenue, the company posted 1.26 billion dollars for 4Q11, relatively on par with the $1.25 billion that 17 analysts across Wall Street expected. This figure represents a 61.9% Y/Y increase.
                Chicago Bridge & Iron was able to generate New Awards of $6.8 billion throughout the year. This number includes a major deal for the Gorgan project in Australia, which totaled $2.3 billion of the total awards earned. The company also announced an interim dividend of $.05/share, resulting in a dividend yield for the year of .43%. The company will continue to strategically buy back shares to create value for shareholders through capital gains. The market has reacted positively to the earnings report with shares up 1.62% on the day, closing at a new 52-week high of $47/share.

-Matt Buechele

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