Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Nautilus Inc. (NLS) May Monthly Report

The University at Albany School of Business Investment Group purchased 205 shares of Nautilus Inc. (NLS) stock on Friday, May 6th at a price of $17.04. Following a strong post market earnings call on Monday, May 9th the group purchased an additional 100 shares at $20.13 and 75 more at $20.16. Nautilus performed well in May, moving up 13.4% in the month. The combination of strong price performance, strong earnings, and favorable guidance caused the stock to surge. The company’s future is still bright with recent acquisitions of Octane Fitness which compliments Nautilus’ already strong brand offering. Currently the stock is priced at $19.14 (down 4.40% on 6/14 with no public explanation) with a price target of $22.59. Our investment thesis is still intact and the stock should bounce back in the near future. 

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