Tuesday, September 15, 2015

ORCL Sept. 15

ORCL began trading the month of September at $36.01 following and extremely volatile market swings of the last few weeks of August. ORCL has since rebounded to $37.92 where it closed last Friday. This represents a 5.3% increase for the month of September thus far. Unfortunately, the current price is below our purchase price of $42.25, this represents a current 10.2% loss off of our position. This is most likely a result of global instability and macroeconomic concerns and not due to specific issues with the company’s revenue stream. The initial decline in the position started as a result of a fourth quarter earnings miss, due in large part to foreign currency headwinds. Overall growth prospects for ORCL remain positive, despite the setbacks of the market and their disappointing fourth quarter earnings. Many market commentators and technicians have suggested that ORCL has reached a low, and that now is a good time to buy. In the beginning of September ORCL received an important contract and security clearance to provide cloud services to the US Department of Defense. Separately, ORCL recently opened a new data center in Canada in order to identify the needs of the marketplace specifically for their SaaS cloud-space products. Additionally ORCL is expected to release their next earnings report sometime later this week.

Jeff Sherman

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