Saturday, May 4, 2013

Actavis Pharmaceutical Releases First Quarter and Increases Guidance

Actavis Pharmaceuticals released first quarter results prior to the market open on May 2nd 2013. Net revenue increased 24.0% from $1.52B to $1.9B when compared to the same quarter last year, nearly missing analyst estimates of $1.96B. The three main segments of revenue for Actavis are the Actavis Pharma, Actavis Specialty Brands, and Anda Distribution. Actavis Pharma, driven mostly by International sales, increased 37.0%. After the inclusion of legacy Actavis, international sales increased 254.0%. Actavis Specialty Brands increased 19.0% to $130.7MM, mainly from new product lines. Anda Distribution revenues decreased 23.0%, due largely to new third party product launches. 

EPS on a non-GAAP basis increased 21.0% to $1.99, beating analyst estimates of $1.87. After posting tremendous results, management reevaluated their operations and increased guidance for the full year. EPS for the year increased $0.40 on both the high and low end from $7.70 - $8.10 to $8.10 - $8.50. Revenue was kept consistent at $8.1B. 

Investors reacted positively to the EPS beat and raised guidance; they opened 2.6% at $107.06 from the previous close of $104.39. It eventually cooled down and ended the day with a total gain of 2.0% at $106.49. We reiterate our BUY rating as talks of a Valeant merger and positive earnings outlook should help push the company higher as time passes.

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